"Paradise Lost" by Jud Turner
Artist Statement

When I look at the world around me, I see certain forms and patterns that have a strong pull on my imagination. I feel compelled to capture some of these fleeting ideas and sensations by making permanent, physical records of them: my art work. For the past 14 years, most of my artistic output has been metal sculpture made by welding steel; prior to my focus on sculpture, I drew and painted in oils.
I allow myself to be influenced by whatever I find visually interesting: animals, forms found in nature, manmade monolithic structures, even dream events or hallucinations. Some of these influences are so simple they are hard to put into words, while others have origins which are apparent to me. I enjoy the way that opposites can play against each other (i.e.- hard metal that appears organic and soft; or sharp forms that seem to threaten soft forms; or clean, shiny metal juxtaposed with old rusting farm artifacts). I find creative freedom within the constraints that working with metal can impose; often, working in a narrowly defined medium opens up broad possibilities. I also enjoy the physical processes involved in creating my artwork: welding/grinding/machining metal can be very meditative. Found objects taken out of their functional contexts play an important role in my work, as well as simple forms which are repeated to create a vast complexity.
My core belief is that the energy of the Oneness flows through every being, and every thing. To be able to channel some of that energy into art work is my highest calling.

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