Pam Hamilton
As a young midwestern girl, painter Pam Hamilton could not have foreseen the significance that art would take in her life – her notebooks filled with colored pencil drawings of horses, frogs and flowers. Pam grew up in Springfield, Illinois and studied fine art at Southern Illinois University. Somewhere in the middle of college, her focus took a turn toward graphic design, where it planted itself for 25 years. Working in downtown Chicago, Pam quickly became an award winning and sought after graphic designer. She has brought flair to all of her work and breathed life into the visions of her clients from corporate design to not-for-profit. But her roots were still calling. . . As Pam has ventured back into the world of fine art, it seems her journey has come full circle. Today, her notebooks are filled with color studies and abstract images. Her experience in graphic design has served to enhance her fine art talents. Since she began exhibiting her paintings professionally in 2009, her work has won awards and been published in a national publication. Pam finds inspiration everywhere: from shadows on a fallen leaf to the meditative quality of a musical composition. But the vast beauty of the sky remains a constant influence. Her atmospheric paintings are contrasted by the hard edges of the wood panels she paints on. She approaches her art with a mixture of intention and serendipity. The result is artwork that is peaceful and often unexpected, creating a calm refuge where the mind can rest.