Past Shows:
Turned Pages
February 2011

Throughout the history of art, works on paper have traditionally been two dimensional and meant to be hung flat on the wall. Paper has always been a beginning – not a finished product. In a continued effort to explore alternative processes & mediums, Turned Pages showcases art that uses paper not as the flat surface for an image, but as the material form itself. All of the pieces on display use paper as their primary material. In some cases, the paper used would otherwise have been thrown away. These versatile works of art demonstrate the unique & unlimited aesthetic forms that paper can create. Featuring the work of Elizabeth Morisette, Christine Edison, Richard Sweeney, Matt Shlian, Adriana Baltazar, Luis Chavez, and Carlos Molina.

December 2010 - January 2011

Sculptural jewelry and wearable art made by local Chicago art jewelers, with an emphasis on alternative materials. Work by
Gustav Reyes, Luis Chavez, Jesse Torres-Medina, Cydney Lewis, Michelle Sallemi, Cristal Alcala, Rootid Studios, Sue Rosengard, and Annette Kwiatek.
2202 South Halsted Street, Chicago
Home, sweet home in Pilsen.